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RMPR represented The World Institute of Disability for more than 5 years, and was a consultant to Judith Heumann, Assistant Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services during the Clinton administration, heightening public awareness of disability issues.

RMPR was in charge of the  publicity campaign for Literacy Volunteers Evening of Readings, (hosted by Liz Smith) for 8 years. This campaign also involved setting up press luncheons at Gracie Mansion and working with Literacy Spokesperson, Barbara Bush.

RMPR worked with The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives (chaired by William Safire), for five years, setting up publicity for National Brain Week and promoting well known neuroscientists, including Dr. Richard Restak, author of The Longevity Strategy. These campaigns resulted in appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America, among others.

RMPR currently handles marketing and public relations for Hospice Care Network of Long Island (volunteer position).

RMPR set up national media tours for spokespeople for the Jewelry Information Center, the trade association for the jewelry industry. These campaigns, over a seven year period, resulted in extensive press coverage, interviews on major radio and television shows in top tier markets as well as appearances on The Today Show and Oprah.

RMPR planned media tours for Avon  corporate spokesperson, Kathleen Walas, for 5 years, resulting in the establishment of the spokesperson as the “beauty expert” on top tier shows across the country.

RMPR planned media tours and cooking demonstrations at leading department stores for the spokesperson representing Corning Ware Products. RMPR worked with Corning Ware for seven years.

RMPR planned a national media campaign and speaking engagements for Lane Nemeth, then CEO of Discovery Toys, the foremost direct marketing company for educational toys.