RMPR has represented Martin Fletcher, long-time NBC Bureau Chief for Tel Aviv. His new book, Walking Israel (Thomas Dunne Books), was covered extensively in the Jewish and travel media.

RMPR also represented Alan Dershowitz, well-known attorney and author. His new mystery novel, The Trials of Zion (Hachette Book Group), received coverage in the Jewish press, as well as mystery publications, websites and blogs.

RMPR represented Peter Steiner, author of The Terrorist (St Martins Minotaur). The publicity campaign included appearances at major mystery bookstores and a wide range of coverage in mystery publications, websites and blogs. He also received review coverage in The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The New Yorker Magazine, to name a few.

RMPR represented The Rea Award for The Short Story for 5 years, providing national publicity for the prestigious Award and the most recent Rea recipients, Lorrie Moore, Anne Beattie, John Updike, Stuart Dybek and Amy Hempel. Rita was involved in planning and promoting The Rea Award 20th Anniversary Evening of Readings at Symphony Space, which featured the past winners. The Rea Award is regularly mentioned in The New York Times and Associated Press, among other outlets.

RMPR represented Dr. John Elefteriades, Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Yale/New Haven Hospital. Rita planned and implemented the publicity campaign for The Woman’s Heart: An Owner’s Guide (Prometheus Books), working with mainstream and health media and obtaining coverage on leading health websites. Dr. Elefteriades then hired RMPR to promote his debut mystery novel, Transplant (I Robot Publishing), which resulted in  national radio  interviews, NPR coverage and readings at mystery bookstores.

RMPR completed two consecutive campaigns for Seven Stories Press author John Talbott (Obamanomics and The 86 Biggest Lies on Wall Street). These campaigns resulted in Talbott’s appearances on Keith Olbermann, Fox&Friends, and Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough, among others. 

RMPR represented author and speaker Sonya Hamlin for many years. Her books include What Makes People Listen and How to Talk so People Listen (HarperCollins). She has appeared on local, regional and national radio and television, including appearances on The Today Show and Good Morning America.

RMPR arranged national radio tours for Al Franken for his consecutive best sellers, Oh, The Things I Know and Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them.

RMPR has worked with literary novelist, Marnie Mueller for many years, promoting Climate of the Country and My Mother’s Island for Curbstone Press. These campaigns resulted in extensive media coverage, speaking engagements and successful outreach to independent bookstores across the country.

Curbstone Press subsequently hired RMPR for the 2008 media campaign for Sergio Ramirez, former vice-president of Nicaragua. This resulted in print and broadcast coverage, including numerous appearances on NPR.

RMPR worked with mystery writer Hallie Ephron to  promote the first three books in her Peter Zak series for  St. Martins Press. The campaigns involved interviews and tours to mystery bookstores across the country.

RMPR worked with Dr. Barry Gordon, head of The Memory Clinic at Johns Hopkins, to promote his books, Memory (MasterMedia Publishing) and Intelligent Memory (Viking Press). He appeared on countless national televisions shows, including The Today Show and Oprah.