Rita Marcus Public Relations is divided into three segments:

Full Scale Media Campaigns:
• Preparation of comprehensive press kits
• Long lead print campaigns
• National and local radio, television and print interviews
• Multi city tours
• Book signings
• Speaking engagements at libraries and other appropriate venues
• Online Publicity and Social Media
• Press luncheons and events
Radio Tours:
• A time and cost effective way to reach millions of listeners, while sitting at your desk
• Campaigns include 17-20 telephone interviews with national and local radio programs
in top tier markets across the country.
• National and local NPR affiliates are contacted when appropriate.
• Tours are a combination of shorter drive-time interviews and in-depth mid-morning, afternoon and evening interviews.

Media Training:
Each session is approximately 3 ½ hours long and most include a professional video assistant. These sessions focus on developing and delivering a clear and compelling message –one that will motivate your audience to ACT—whether that means buying your book or product – or buying into your point of view.

The media training program began at Hill and Knowlton Public Relations more than 20 years ago. Publishing clients include Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Scholastic Books, IDG Books, Dutton Publishing, Mystery Writers of America and CMP Publishing. Other clients include spokespeople from DeBeers Diamond Information Center, Avon Products, Inc., The United States Department of Education, Chesebrough Ponds and JP Morgan Chase.